Arrival of Wong Tai Sin (1915)
In 1915, Taoist priests Liang Renan and Liang Junzhuan brought a portrait of the Taoist God, Master Wong Tai Sin from Guangdong Province to Hong Kong. They set up a small shrine to worship Master Wong Tai Sin on Hong Kong Island, opening a herbal shop there.

Identify a Site for the Temple Housing Wong Tai Sin (1921-33)
In 1921, Taoists obtained divine guidance from Master Wong Tai Sin that a new shrine should be built near Kowloon City. When they arrived at Chuk Yuen Village, they were told that it was a good site. Eventually, a shrine was set up with the altar named as "Pu Yi Tan". Meanwhile, the managing body, "Sik Sik Yuen" (The Yuen) was established.

Opening the Temple to the Public (1934-65)
The Temple used to be a private shrine and only Pu Yi Tan Taoists and their family members were allowed. In 1934, Sik Sik Yuen formally applied to the government for opening the temple to the public during Chinese New Year. In 1956, permission was obtained for the temple to open to the public. To facilitate administration and management, the Yuen in 1965 registered itself as a limited company of charitable nature and was granted the exemption of adding the word "Limited" to the organization's name.