School-based Management

The education affairs of Sik Sik Yuen are operated under the leadership of the Education Committee of the Board of Directors. Apart from setting the direction of running our education and ensuring that quality education is provided, the Committee will set up different task forces according to the nature of different policies. The Educational Services Coordination Office is responsible for policies execution and co-ordination. We uphold school-based management, and that all our schools are managed by independent School Management Committee/ Incorporated Management Committee, which formulate school-based plans and goals every year to ensure that the school is well managed and students are receiving good education. Our primary and secondary schools have set up Incorporated Management Committee which takes into account varying opinion of the stakeholders. As regards kindergarten, a school policies advisory committee is established, which promotes the communication and cooperation among the school management, staff and parents.

All-rounded education

To satisfy the needs of today’s society, Sik Sik Yuen makes it possible for students to receive well-rounded education. While doing the best in regular teaching and learning to prepare for students’ further education and employment, our schools also place great importance on students’ balanced development both in body and mind. We often organize a great variety of co-curricular or extra-curricular activities, uniformed groups, or leadership training, etc. to strengthen the spirit of students and help them build up a positive attitude toward life. Students are encouraged to step out of campus, to learn through visits and field studies, to discover their own strengths and leadership skills. By the same token, students are encouraged to participate in exchange programs to gain exposure and a broader view of life. All these are done in order that they develop fully as an individual and to enhance their competitiveness and resilience as they face the world.