Warm Giving Program

“Sik Sik Yuen Warmth-Giving for the Elderly” has been organized since 2006 with the collaboration of Wong Tai Sin and Sai Kung District Social Welfare Office of the Social Welfare Department to promote the spirit of “community care” and assist the senior citizens living in Wong Tai Sin and Sai Kung district to meet their needs through mass programmes.
Service Objectives and Goals:

s_social_unit_icon District-Based Approach
In collaboration with Wong Tai Sin and Sai Kung District Social Welfare Office, we have co-organized yearly and district-wide project to meet the multiple needs of the elderly, with reference to the district profile.
s_social_unit_icon Collaboration
Apart from the participation of elderly service units of our Yuen, we are linking up with various social service units in the community, regardless of their agency backgrounds, service natures and locations. By their joint efforts, the target groups, including senior citizens, family caregivers, volunteers as well as local residents would be truly beneficial.
s_social_unit_icon Latest Change of society
In view of social changes and latest trends of society, our project aims at taking prompt actions in response to the immediate needs of society. Taken the occurrence of financial crisis and Human Swine Influenza as an example, our project launched a series of programs to help the elderly cope with adversities in life.
s_social_unit_icon Mutual Support
In order to fulfill the mutual support among the senior citizens, we adopt the train-the-trainer approach in the community to mobilize the community resources to those in need. The volunteers not only demonstrate their warmest regards through home visits in festive days, but also distribute the gift packs and cold-resistant materials to the needy elderly.

s_social_unit_icon Project Themes in 5 years

s_social_unit_icon A wide range of programs held

Services Target Group:

Senior citizens, carers, volunteers and local residents.