Elderly Homes
Services Objectives and Goals

To follow Master Wong Tai Sin's teaching, "To Act Benevolently and to Teach Benevolence", Sik Sik Yuen's Homes for the Elderly aim at providing holistic residential care services to the eligible senior citizen.

Target Group

The Yuen's Homes for the Elderly offer residential care service to those aged 65 or above. The services are tailored for the senior citizen, who cannot live at their home or being taken care by their family owing to their personal, environment or health reasons. (For those aged 60-64 may apply if there is a proven need for residential care based on health and/or social grounds)

Applicant may apply through the registration and referral by Social Welfare Department’s district family service centres.
Scope of Services

s_social_unit_icon Meal
Breakfast, lunch and supper are offered daily.
s_social_unit_icon Nursing Care
The unit not only employs doctor and nurse for medical consultation, but also organizes body check-up, health seminar and daily care services. Rehabilitation services are also provided by physiotherapist and occupational therapist.
s_social_unit_icon Group Activity
The unit provides interest, friendship and service groups to promote the friendship of the residents, cultivate their interests and develop their potentials for the contribution to the society. Various regular activities are conducted, including indoors, outdoors and family ones, to make life of the residents more fruitful and cheerful.
s_social_unit_icon Personal Counselling
Stationed social workers are mainly responsible for helping residents to solve their interpersonal relationship, financial, medical and other difficulties, and maintaining a close contact with their family members.

s_social_unit_icon Meal Section
Applicant must be aged 65 or above who are capable to maintain personal hygiene, but needs assistance in daily living activities.
s_social_unit_icon Care and Attention Section
Applicant must be aged 65 or above in poor health or suffering from functional disabilities to the extent that assistance in personal care and daily living activities is necessary, but no regular nursing care required.
s_social_unit_icon Infirmary section (Ho Yam Care and Attention Home for the Elderly)
Applicant must be aged 65 or above who needs specialized medical attention or intensive nursing care.
*Those aged from 60-64 with proven needs can also apply for admission