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Two-factor Authentication for PPS Online Payment

Works Simply with Additional Protection

To serve you better protection for donation via the Internet, PPS will extend coverage of “Two-factor Authentication” to Sik Sik Yuen in PPS website with effect from 23 September 2009.

PPS Two-factor Authentication uses two different types of information to verify your identity:

First protection (one-factor authentication)
You login PPS website with PPS Account Number/ Account Name and PPS Internet Password

Additional protection (two-factor authentication)
PPS will send a One-time Password (OTP) via SMS to your mobile phone when you register bills with selected PPS merchants. You are requested to entre the OTP to confirm the bill registration.

Transactions Require OTP are

  • bill registration for selected PPS merchants via PPS by Internet
  • first-time bill payment for selected PPS merchants via PPS by Internet for bills registered via PPS phone channel
For more details of “Two-factor Authentication” and the registration for the receipt of OTP, please visit PPS website