First built in 1924, it is believed to be the altar for early spirit writing and Master Wong Tai Sin’s meditation room. Besides enshrining Master Wong Tai Sin, the Bronze Pavilion also houses Zi Yang De Tao Qi Shan Pu Sa (朝陽得道啟善菩薩). In addition, the calligraphy of the Scripture of Master Wong Tai Sin is hanging on the edges of the ceiling. A pair of couplets on both sides of the entrance reads “修善果可登斯門 存險心勿到此地”. Both the calligraphy and couplets are inspirational.

The architecture of Wong Tai Sin Temple is based on the Five Elements, that is, the Bronze Pavilion representing “Metal”, the Archives Hall representing “Wood”, the Yuk Yik Fountain representing “Water”, the Yue Heung Shrine representing “Fire”, and the Earth Wall representing “Earth” – all five elements have been incorporated.