Built in 2010, the hall enshrines the God of Chinese Medicine, Sun Simiao Zhen Ren, a renowned Taoist priest-healer who lived in the Tang Dynasty. The deceased Sun was, in the Sung dynasty, crowned with holy title “Miao Ying Zhen Ren” by the Emperor. Master Sun was famous for his writings and healing, and was very knowledgeable about Lao-Zhuang (Chinese philosophical teachings), and herbal medicine. He emphasized preventive measures against diseases and focused on food therapy, supplemented with purging one’s mind of desires and ambitions. This is further supported by methods of ingesting vital breath, namely, embryonic breath, introspection, breath-holding and hissing breath, to stay healthy. Master Sun has been canonized as God of Chinese Medicine. Our temple celebrates the birth of God of Chinese Medicine on the 28th day of the 4th month of the Lunar Calendar.