1. Worshipping Platform 
Halfway through the staircase between the Second and Primary Worshipping Platforms sits a huge Long-du (龍堵) , on which nine lively dragons are carved. In front of the Long-du stands a pair of newly crafted, 6-meter Huabiaos (華表). At the rear of the platform one will find the bronze statues of the Twelve Animals of the Years (十二生肖), a masterpiece by the Abbot of Wong Tai Sin Temple, Mr Lee Yiu-fai. 

2. Front Hall 
太歲元辰殿-前廳 The ceiling in the front hall hangs a stylistic peony-shape translucent-marble chandelier. On the floor lies a Han white jade mosaic (漢白玉) of the Taichi (太極) symbol surrounded by Twelve Animals of Years (十二生肖). The walls on either side attach porcelain paintings of Twelve Animals of Years and replicas of ancient porcelain articles purchased from Jingdezhen (景德鎮) of Jiangxi (江西). On top of the entrance fixes a horizontal plaque with the calligraphy of Taisui Yuenchen Hall by Professor Jao Tsung-I, who also inscribed the couplets on either side of the entrance.

3. Main Hall
The first sight inside the Hall is a bronze sculpture titled “Taoist Immortals Safeguard Hong Kong”(五行運轉香江). At the top of the latter stands the statue of Master Tai Shang Lao Jun(太上老君), with five statues of Taoist priests standing on bauhinias, symbolizing the operation of the Five Elements and implying “Master Tai Shang blesses Hong Kong with fortunes and longevity, and the operating Five Elements safeguards the city.”

Further inside is the statue of Mother Goddess of the Great Dipper of North (斗姥元君), which possesses three eyes, eight arms, four faces, and holds various mythological tools in its hands, seated on a lotus pulled by seven mythological pigs. On the altar table stand the statues of Sixty Taistaui (六十太歲神) with unique solemn and awesome outlooks.

The walls on either side of the statues are embedded with a pair of semi-precious stone mosaic of Sixty Yuenchen, a decoration rarely found in China and other countries. In the center of the Hall is Astronomic Sky Screen, which is buttressed by four huge pillars, symbolizing Orbicular Heaven and Square Earth(天圓地方). The stars map takes reference from traditional Chinese astrology in consideration of the astronomical phenomena of Hong Kong.

The overall design of Taisui Yuenchen Hall bases on traditional Chinese culture and Taoist culture developed from its modern decorations. The solemn Hall, therefore integrates traditions and modernization.